When the cat’s away, the mouse works his tail off…

Wendy left this morning to visit her mother for a few days in Vermont.  We’re a team, you know.  We both do a little bit of some things and a whole lot of everything, but our strengths and loves are well defined.  I cook; Wendy takes care of the gardens.  We double-team when it comes to taking care of our guests and cleaning the B & B.  You’ll find us both hustling about at events and weddings.

Before she left for the airport, Wendy prepared her fabulous fruit parfait.  Some habits are difficult to change!  Our usual Sunday has us both serving our guests but today I had the pleasure of being both cook AND server.  I do both tasks during the week but on Saturday and Sunday I focus on kitchen duty while Wendy chats with and serves our guests.

It’s been a challenge doing both this weekend, but I managed.  I just had to reserve the casual conversation, questions about the mansion and life as an innkeeper/chef until after breakfast had been served.

Weekends are extra special and slightly more relaxed with both Wendy and I providing our usual Hawthorn hospitality.  Today the guests are the ones who are relaxed, as it should be, and I hustle a little more to ensure the best possible bed and breakfast experience.  Based on their comments and the clean plates, I think I achieved our mission!

I already miss my dear wife – for several reasons – but mostly I miss being able to enjoy a relaxed Sunday breakfast……ah, there is always next weekend…

Jim and Wendy Allen
Innkeepers at Hawthorn Bed and Breakfast, our
Bed and Breakfast in Independence MO

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