Social Networking then and now…

When Mrs. John Gallagher, original owner of Hawthorn, started her social network back in the 1900’s, she began it with her closest personal friends, extended family and her husband’s business acquaintance’s wives.  She was very active in her community in Kansas City, and when she and her family “summered at the farm” in Independence, Missouri, she continued to socialize with several prominent ladies in the area and those she met through St. Mary Parish.

This age of technology has dramatically altered the definition of social networking in nearly every aspect of life.  Between Txt, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Cafemom, to mention only a few, we are never more than a second away from one of our groups of “friends.”

At Hawthorn, A Bed & Breakfast, however, time can move at a much slower pace.  We have two groups of ladies who still “chat” over a lovely luncheon or a cup of coffee and dessert while enjoying a weekly bridge game with their own “social network of friends.”  Nothing electronic is involved, however, only genteel conversation with classical music playing in the background.  The elegantly decorated one-hundred twelve year-old mansion invites everyone to experience a social network that evokes memories of bonnets and bows, gloves and hankies.

Why not invite your BFF’s to join you for a private luncheon or afternoon tea party at Hawthorn, A Bed & Breakfast, in historic Independence, Missouri.

Jim and Wendy Allen
Innkeepers at Hawthorn Bed and Breakfast, our
Bed and Breakfast in Independence MO

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