Anticipation and yet another flower bed….

Wendy has been happily planning the new flower bed going in on the northeast lawn.  She’s wanted to do this for some time and the early spring has allowed her to see her plan develop sooner than anticipated!

Spring is bursting forth at Hawthorn, A Bed & Breakfast.  All the trees, shrubs, flowering bushes and early bloomers are teasing us with their buds and blossoms.  It won’t be long before the estate, including Wendy’s new flower bed, presents itself as a magnificent backdrop for someone’s perfect garden event.

Our beautifully landscaped gardens are a special bonus to brides and their wedding photographers.  The historic property provides many opportunities to showcase each bride in elegant natural settings with ample color all season long.

It’s hard to say which season is our favorite because each one has its own particular and distinctive splendor; but the anticipation of spring and what it will reveal in the weeks ahead makes for an exciting time at Hawthorn.

We’d love to share some of that excitement with you for your special event or get-away weekend.  Call soon to schedule your own experience of Springtime at Hawthorn, A Bed & Breakfast in historic Independence, Missouri.
Jim and Wendy Allen
Innkeepers at Hawthorn Bed and Breakfast, our
Bed and Breakfast in Independence MO

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