Autumn at Hawthorn Bed and Breakfast Independence MO

Hawthorn Bed and Breakfast in Independence MO has officially begun its seasonal transformation.  The leaves on the trees are changing and the flower gardens are presenting their final display of summer colors.  Our cooler evening temperatures also confirm the end of Summer 2010. 

We’ve noticed that the leaves of the Burning Bushes suggest a change is coming, too.  Soon they will reveal their stunning flame-red glory and breakfast on the sun porch will give our guests a visual experience they won’t soon forget.

Autumn weddings on our two-acre estate are particularly magnificent.  We may be somewhat biased in that our daughter is getting married at Hawthorn this month.  The beautiful turning leaves and abundance of chrysanthemums all around the property present the perfect setting for her wedding.  Of course we believe all of the weddings held at Hawthorn are unique, but our son’s wedding last year and our daughter’s this year have afforded us the opportunity to experience Hawthorn both as guests as well as hosts.

We enjoy sharing this beautiful season with all our guests. And, in turn, they tell us that their time at Hawthorn Bed and Breakfast reminds them of wonderful past memories as well as creating new ones.  There’s just something about Autumn; the colors, the sound of leaves crackling under foot, warm days and cool nights.  What is it about Autumn that stirs such emotion in us?  Is it because the memories are in vivid Technicolor? Or is it that the memories are of a time when life was just a lot less complicated?

When looking for Kansas City Accommodations, remember that Independence Missouri is right in the neighborhood – call soon to book your room at our Bed and Breakfast in Independence MO.

Jim and Wendy Allen
Innkeepers at Hawthorn Bed and Breakfast, our
Bed and Breakfast in Independence MO

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